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Ideas And Disclosures

Ideas And Disclosures - Thiruman Archunan Ideas And Disclosures is the first book in a trilogy of ideas by Thiruman Archunan. It presents a series of thoughts the author has had. Many of the points are presented in reasonably short comments, with a number correlating to each and sometimes a short description. Other comments are somewhat long and can extend further than a paragraph. Many of these points are philosophical in nature. The author doesn't expect an answer of these comments, only presenting them to us for our consideration and for us to think about further. There are varying topics, mostly to do with humanity and nature. A lot of points consider the differences between men and women, whilst others consider the way humans relate to nature. I think that it was a good idea to present it in numbered form; as there are 751 things presented and, if someone wants to look back on one, they can simply note down the number and return later.

It was very complex and the author has put a lot of thought into the work. Of course, much of the complexity also comes from what you think of each point and how you try to understand it. The author has some good points and has left me with several things to think about. I appreciate that it was organised in point form; it made it easier to see where some of the longer points ended. However, the points of some felt kind of repetitive.

Overall, I think it was a fairly interesting book and some of the points were very thought-provoking.

I won a copy of this book via a First Reads giveaway and these are just my honest thoughts on it. For those who avoid such things, there are references and discussion on God and religion.