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Harvest Moon (Night Hunters, #1)

Harvest Moon (Night Hunters, #1) - Helena Shaw Harvest Moon is the first in the Night Hunters series by Helena Shaw. Dawn Garrett is a young woman, formerly known as Jennifer Waters, who had run away from home at eighteen. Now she lives in the small Appalachian town of Goosemont, which is located within the mountains. When a few suspicious deaths bring newcomers to town, she finds herself in the company of Jase Byrnes, an FBI agent who might just not be who he claims to be either.

The characters aren't very interesting. They're alright, but quite bland and without much personality. I'll start off with Jennifer/ Dawn. In the beginning of the book, we find that her step father had been abusing her which is her reason for running away. However, I felt that that whole first portion ended up as a huge waste of time; it never really provided much importance on the book. We never see or meet the rest of her family later and they're barely ever mentioned again. Furthermore, it just seems weird because she's hiding herself from these people- her mother and stepfather- but she never really seems like she's hiding. She makes basic mistakes such as taking as supposed FBI agent home- who could have (if he were FBI) denied her claims and poke holes in her story. Jase Byrnes, our "FBI agent" seemed just kind of bland as well. To me, it seemed like a copy & paste character; he also has hidden his identity and assumed a new name to come to this town. He has different reasons for being here, obviously, but it just seems odd that two people with hidden identities might find themselves in the same town... Not to mention finding themselves in the same bed. The background characters don't really stand out much. I appreciate that they were mostly kind people and many have been good to her. However, we just don't get enough information about them or spend enough time with them to get a good grasp on who they are. In a sense, it's pretty much just about Dawn and Jase (or Jessica and Kevin, if you choose to consider them in that way).

I'll be blunt about my first thoughts on the plot; it's cliché. There are very few unique aspects to it. It's your usual small town, with animal attacks or people dying in suspicious circumstances. We then have hunters turn up to try and get this beast/ the perpetrator. It's a somewhat overdone plot. Having said that, I reckon that the author has a great writing style. They use the scenes well and give personality to the places described. Many of the scenes need a bit more in the way of personal touches, but I think they're a good author (from what I've read so far) and they're on the right path.

Overall, the characters and plot aren't really unique, but it's well written and there are some good scenes. It's worth a read.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. Though, I did later find that I already have a purchased copy from Amazon.com.au.