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Bone Box

Bone Box - Jay Amberg Bone Box by Jay Amberg is about the major archaeological discovery of an ossuary, a box of human remains and a few scrolls. With the suspicion that these remains belong to Jesus of Nazareth and that the scrolls pertain to his teachings, a lot of people are willing to do questionable things to get their hands on the contents. The book revolves around two main characters, Sophia Altay and Joseph Travers. Sophia is the primary archaeologist and the one responsible for the dig site where the bone box was uncovered. Joseph has come to Turkey to evaluate the dig site. Together they do their best to save the artefacts from those who would kill to get their hands on them.

I felt that both main characters, Sophia and Joseph, were fairly realistic. The thing I like most about them is that they have very relatable worries and concerns; they both have interests in the bone box and I feel like their obsessions really drive them to do the best they can for its benefit. I think that they also have very interesting back stories as well. Sophia's past with her parents and fascination for archaeology has led her to become a very intelligent woman. The best thing about that is that the author can really back that (intelligence) up with the writing; she uses common sense and makes smart choices. Joseph's back-story is also somewhat important for the plot; the tale of his children leads him throughout the plot and, to me, it also seems like his character is fairly well developed. My favourite character, by far, is Abrahim; he has an amazing depth to him and I really appreciated his loyalty throughout the plot. His emotional investment, as well as his devotion, is quite apparent. For the background characters, I think all are well developed and I appreciated that we got a good look into their motivations.

As for the plot, I think it was somewhat unique. I enjoyed the theme of the bone box; I've heard of them before, but admittedly I don't know much about them. I felt that it set up the events well and worked great for the book. The events and scenes were fairly well paced. Some of the portions are slow, but in those bits there's a lot of information to be revealed so it's not a problem. I really appreciated the descriptions of the scenery and surroundings; there were some beautiful scenes presented and the author gave us a good look into the surroundings of each scene.

Overall, it was a book that kept me completely enthralled from beginning to end. The characters work well and they each have unique storylines and special parts to play in the book. The theme of the book was relatively new to me and I felt it was certainly very interesting.

I received a free eCopy of this in return for an honest review.