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Spellbound  - Jacqueline West Spellbound is the second story in The Books of Elsewhere series by Jacqueline West and continues soon after book one, The Shadows. Olive Dunwoody is a young girl who has recently been exploring the world of Elsewhere, a place she has found within the paintings of her new home. Though, the spectacles she's been using to help her travel have been broken. Now she can only go to Elsewhere with the help of one of the cat familiars- Leopold, Harvey and Horatio- who can travel in and out at any whim. In Spellbound, she meets Rutherford Dewey, a boy who is living with his grandmother a few houses down the street. He questions the existence of a spellbook which Olive realises might be the key to help finding a way to travel back to Elsewhere. Though, it's not as easy as she hopes it might be.

Just like the last book, I really liked all the characters. Olive is just so sweet and I can really understand her perspective and innocent outlook about the whole situation. She's really just loveable! I also really enjoyed her parents again; they just have such a sweet relationship and I appreciated that they had more input in the plot this time. Rutherford Dewey and his grandmother were a wonderful addition to the plot. The cats are brilliant, once again! I think that the author has presented a brilliant selection of characters. The plot of Spellbound was great and, throughout the book, you can really get a good look into the rollercoaster of events the author sends us on. I enjoyed the furthered history of the house and the witches of it. The inclusion of magic really made some good scenes; I especially loved the spell book. I thought that it was good to see Olive taking an interest in it, how it affected her and the people around her. I thoroughly loved this book! I really enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the next one.