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Forbidden Soul

Forbidden Soul - Natasha Duncan-Drake Forbidden Soul is the second book in the Soul Reader series by Natasha Duncan-Drake and the story continues on roughly three weeks after the first. Michael, a vampire who has recently saved soul reader John from a captured life, has been encouraging his lover to re-contact his family. Once a phone call has been made, both of them make a special trip up to Glasgow to see John's family.

One of the things I enjoyed about the first book is the characters. The same with the second; I think that all of them have some fairly interesting portion in the story. However, like my point about the first book,I think that we just don't get to know enough about the characters. There are little touches which make them all somewhat special, but apart from John and Michael, we just don't get to spend enough time with a lot of the people. Though, having said that, I don't think I think John's family fit into the whole book. I think it was sweet how we got to meet them and they were very interesting, with the author's little explanations. However, I think their inclusion to some scenes made things a little bit strange. I understand that they were very caring for John and his healing from injuries... But the sexual scenes and references about the family home felt awkward, in my opinion. I was interested to see the other vampires and enjoyed seeing more of their culture. I'm still enjoying the relationship between John and Michael; they seem to have genuine feelings for each other and I think that the author has written their love for each other very well.

I liked both of the plots in the book, the one with John coming back to his family and also with the kidnapping. Once John comes back to his family, he explains what has happened in his time away. Though, I think most of that was essentially a repeat of what we already knew and had found out in the first book. The same with the kidnapping plot; we didn't really find out anything new to the plot. However, I appreciated that there was some movement by his kidnappers and that they really did need John's power. But, ultimately, it was also just elements of things we had already known. Again, I liked the addition of the vampire and supernatural portions, but I just don't think that the story focuses enough on developing those bits. All of the books in the series (so far) are just so short, but I think they could work much better if a lot of these bits were focused on more and developed into a full plot line. It is well written and the author has a great style, but I just wish we got more development of the plot.

Overall, I liked the story and will be reading the third book.