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46 - Melissa Burke This book is a combination of poetry and stories, totaling up to 46 shorts. My first thought, upon reading 46 by Melissa Burke is that it's very primal. There's a lot of raw emotion. In the introductions, the author makes comment on the fact deals with mental illness- bipolar, ADD, PTSD- and has dealt with many real life problems- drug abuse, suicide and rape. Personally, I have never experienced any of those things. I guess that's part of the reason why it feels so powerful to me. The author is incredibly blunt in many of the explanations and it's really hard not to find some sort of emotion in reply. In many cases, I feel like there's some sort of sadness within me for her, not pity but true upset that these things have happened to her. In another way, I can feel her anger at some of the things around her and the upset that the problems might cause her. I didn't like all of the poems, but that's just my personal taste. However, I thought a lot of them were well composed. That probably sounds like a compliment, but it doesn't really mean that much; I'm not brilliant at poetry, either reading it or writing it. I think that the only thing that didn't really belong in the book was the llampire story. I really did like it, but I didn't think that it fit in with the rest of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It's not perfect, but well worth 4 stars. I appreciated that the book has so much life in it and you can feel the emotions from every single page.

I received a free copy of this from the First Reads program. Regardless, this is an honest review.

Edit: Upon further thought, I shared the llampire story with my little sister. I think it doesn't belong in this book, I think it belongs as its own series. I think that would be great! She could go around, converting other people to llampirism... no? I think it would be great!