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Love Between Fire and Ice: Different Scenes from Real Marital Lives

Love Between Fire and Ice: Different Scenes from Real Marital Lives - Abdulellah M Jadaa Love Between Fire and Ice by Abdulellah M Jadaa is a compilation of articles that the author has previously published. They're all based on relationships and the aim of the book is to help people look into the troubles that might be concerning. It discusses many different types of situations and references other books that might be useful to the reader as well.

I think that one thing that helped the book is that it looked into many different types of situations, with the idea that the reader might find something relateable within. However, in doing so, the book has made many references which I don't understand. For example, it sometimes references notable people, whose stories I do not know of and stories of which I have not even heard of. I think that, in many cases, the author does fairly well in trying to discuss men and women, looking into both perspectives. However, in some cases, I think it looks less fondly on the gender of women and there are a few complaints and stereotypes against females in general. The articles in a formal nature and I don't really empathise with many of the situations because of it; love discussed in such a serious manner just makes some of the author's points seem so insincere. Overall, I think it was a fairly interesting book, but I didn't really find much that I can personally related to. Though, I think that many people will find something to think about.

I was lucky enough to have won a copy as a prize from a First Reads giveaway and these are my honest thoughts.