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Payback in Wayback

Payback in Wayback - Lynda Coker Today, I was lucky enough to get a free eCopy of Payback in Wayback from the author, Lynda Coker. It's the first book I've read by this author.

The book is about Corey Donovan, Tiffany Covington and their young son. Corey has just been released from prison, after serving a sentence of twelve years for a few crimes he did not complete. Once he has been released, he returns home to the small West Texas town of Wayback and again finds himself in a relationship with Tiffany, after many years apart.

The overall plot is interesting. Essentially, it's about a man returning home and trying to get some semblance of a normal life after prison. There are times when there are odd scene changes or plot skips ahead, so some portions of the story are a little bit difficult to follow. I do like the overall story development, though. I think that the author made many good choices in terms of plot; one example being that it was more about the love story than that he was sent to jail. However, having said that, I think that the mentions of his jail time were a little lacking. We know that he did not commit either crime, but I don't really feel that it wasn't fully explained. To me, it seemed more of a plot device to explain why they never got together years ago, rather than a solid part in the story. If we were to exchange the jail time with him simply moving away or something like that, the story would not be much different. The fact that it was jail, rather than just being an absentee father for another reason, just makes it seem kind of awkward in a way. It just seems like the jail portion has no real impact for me.

The characters are intriguing. I did like that Joey felt protective of his mother. In many ways, he seemed kind of mature and very understanding of what was going on. Though, in other ways, he seemed a little bit demanding in other times. Though, I don't fault him for that, I think it was simply him just being a kid. Corey was fairly interesting, though I felt that sometimes his feelings didn't exactly work well within the plot. It just seemed like his feelings didn't always match properly with what was going on, or that his feelings changed on a whim, for no real reason. I felt that Tiffany was appropriately motherly; that she was kind of worried about her Corey's presence for both of her child's sake and her own.

Overall, I liked the book. Though it wasn't perfect (no offense!); I felt that some portions could have been better explained and there ought to have had a little more scenes dedicated to certain portions. Having said that, I appreciated that it was a nice, quick read. Corey, Tiffany and Joey's story was very sweet and it was nice to share it with them.