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Read my SONG Read my HEART Read my SOUL

Read my SONG Read my HEART Read my SOUL - Awen Finn I received a free copy of this book as a prize from Firstreads. These are just my honest thoughts on it. Read my Song Read my Heart Read my Soul is a book by Awen Finn where she intuits the personalities and character of a person by listening to their favourite song. The book's intention is to generally be uplifting and the song reads reflect this by trying to point out the good aspects of a person's nature.

The blurb of the book states, "Awen’s astonishing insights will help you uncover your true self so that you can live the joyous and fulfilling life you desire." I didn't particularly find this to be true in relation to myself. It has a wide range of songs which are from mostly popular artists/ groups, whether the songs be new or old. But I must admit that despite wide range of music chosen by the clients, I didn't actually find any song I really liked in the book. Sure, I've listened to many of these songs, or even other songs by the same artists. However, I don't feel connected to any of these tunes in particular. I didn't find a song or description that I feel reflects myself.

Overall, the book was alright. I skimmed through a lot of it because I didn't find it to be particularly relevant to me and my own personality. I imagine that a lot of people might find something relatable in some of these chapters. However, I don't imagine that every single person will. I feel like the blurb was a partial lie because, despite the many songs chosen, there was really nothing that helped me uncover my true self. Determining what the rate this is a struggle; though it's a nice and (meant to be an) uplifting book, there's nothing I felt I enjoyed. Maybe it will help other readers more...