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A Grandparent's Gift Of Memories - A Pilgrimage With The Saints

A Grandparent's Gift Of Memories - A Pilgrimage With The Saints - Nancy Groves I won this book from a Firstreads giveaway. These are just my honest thoughts on it. A Grandparent's Gift Of Memories by Nancy Groves is essentially a book which encourages a person to look back over their life. The book aims to give inspiration by telling the story of many saints and giving examples of the hardships these people had to overcome in their lives. Meanwhile, it also has various spaces where you can write about your own life. It asks you questions about your family, education and about how the bible inspires your life.

Now I'd like to mention that I'm not a particularly religious person and nor am I a grandparent, or even a parent. So, one might think that it might not necessarily apply to me. Regardless, I kept an open mind as I read through the book. You don't need to be religious to be able to use the book. You might simply treat the passages about each saint as simply the life story of some random which might give you inspiration on one of the problems you face. If they are unnecessary to you, you might simply ignore them. I know little about saints in general, but I found many of the tales to be quite hopeful and encouraging. Though they do not necessarily apply to my life right now, maybe I'll be able to draw some sort of inspiration from them when I need them. One does not need to be a grandparent (or even a parent) in order to obtain some sort of happiness from this book, either. It is simply a book for the reflection of your thoughts. Not all of the questions might relate to you, so they might be skipped. Else, you might take some time to consider how they would apply in future. One of the questions asks about the religious stories you told to your children. If you don't have children, you might consider simply writing down the books you intend to read to them (and if you are not religious, you might just write down the books you intend to read them or things you think they might enjoy as a child). Once you get up to the questions about generally being a grandparent, you might want to write down the things you intend to do for your grandchildren and take the time to consider the legacy you would like to leave them. Maybe at this point, you might like to consider what you would like to teach them and the qualities you'd like to inspire. There are several questions in the book which are about religious ceremonies, such as confirmations and baptisms. If this does not apply to you or your grandchildren, in these spaces you might consider other special events that the person in particular was featured (plays, awards ceremonies, etc) and how you felt during those times.

Overall, I have not written in my copy yet. I am simply taken a little time to consider the answers first. However, one day, I hope that I might find appropriate answers to the questions and have some grandchildren that I might share them with. It's a great book and I hope that it draws similar inspirations from you!