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Rude Hand Gestures of the World: A Guide to Offending without Words

Rude Hand Gestures of the World: A Guide to Offending without Words - Romana LeFevre Have you ever wondered how to insult people without words? Well, Rude Hand Gestures of the World by Romana LeFevre is a book that shows you how to do just that! With various pictures and textual explanations, it gives you many good examples of how you might say something new, without necessarily saying anything at all.

Though it was quite amusing and several times, I found the items to be very funny, I don't think all of these would work for me. I've seen several of these types of gestures in various media, cartoons, movies and other such things. However, I don't think many other people that I know would necessarily know what I would be meaning if I were to use these. In fact, I mightn't even know if they were used against me, if I hadn't just read this book. Many of these just aren't used in the place I live and I guess even if people did know, they'd be too polite to use them. I think if I were genuinely intending to use one, I would have to wait for the opportunity. Otherwise, I guess it's also kind of a good guide on what not to do when visiting other countries.

Overall, it was a quick read. Though it might not necessarily be useful to me in my regular life, it provided me with a little amusement.