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Out of the Picture and Into the Picture

Out of the Picture and Into the Picture - Victor G. La Van Way, Ilyan Kei Lavanway, Jeannie La Van Way Out of the Picture and Into the Picture is a short book that I obtained for free using a coupon code on Smashwords last month. It tells of the story of a father, a son and a painting. He falls asleep by it and, he is soon woken by a plane emerging from it. It had been piloted by his son who has also come out from the picture.

I think that the story is reasonable, though far too short. It presents the occurence as an event of a problem with the fabric of space-time. However, due to the short length of the story, there's not really enough opportunity to discuss it properly and so it kind of leaves me bewildered more than intrigued. It's an interesting story in theory, but not well executed. A longer story might have provided them with a better opportunity to explain theories better. Also, the story presents various other ideas for this occurence, also being that it might be God's will. I like the idea of the story, I really do. However, if we look at the story in its entirety, it's essentially just about a plane in trouble and then emerging from a picture. After a little while, the plane then goes back into the picture and then somehow meets Cain, son of Adam. None of it is explained particularly well, though presents some interesting ideas. They're all interesting theories, but none are particularly discussed properly.