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Fearless Passion: Find the Courage to Do What you Love

Fearless Passion: Find the Courage to Do What you Love - Yong Kang Chan Just to let you know, I received a free review ecopy of this book in return for an honest review.

Fearless Passion is a book where the author, Yong Kang Chan, draws on his own life experiences to help you with your own passion. He takes you through the various stages of leaving his own career, finding temporary employment with HBO Asia and the various bits about learning of his passion, animation. Not only that, but the author has collected all sorts of stories from varying people and what they did in order to overcome the obstacles and find their own path to passion.

The first thing I like is how the author draws from his own experiences. In many other books I've read in this fashion, it seems like it's easy for those authors to become conceited. However, this author does a particularly good job of using scenerios that we can all draw some experience from. He talks, in varying chapters, about things many people experience during childhood. Many of these examples are things like classroom and school related, learning new things like riding a bike, bullying, and other things many people will have experience of. Likewise, other examples can be very general and he references movies, books and famous people.

While the book gives you support on following your passion, it also gives you tips on how to do it even if you haven't got a passion. It encourages you to look at yourself and find what you truly enjoy. Once you've found your passion and determined what you want to do, it then gives you a bunch of information on what you might want to do. It questions whether you'd like to do it full/part time, what kind of goals you'd like to acheive and even how it might affect your friends and family. I think the most valuable piece of advice in the book is the way of subtley transitioning into your passion. That, for example, you might not want/ be able to leave your job, so it gives you tips on how to stay focused with your passion while giving you the time to leave your job appropriately.

It's pretty well written and gives you a lot of information and ideas towards what you could do to follow your dreams. My only thought is that some of the text might not be entirely relevant to everyone. In that respect, you don't need to follow everything the book says. It's essentially just a guide. One person might use various things from the book, taking whichever portions they find inspiring or helpful, while another might use different bits entirely. I did like the way that the author scouted experiences from other people as well, drawing from their different experiences to illustrate his points.

Overall, I think it's worth five stars. As above, I've mentioned that it's written well and the author has a lot of good points, arguments and examples as to the situations you might encounter once you've decided to follow your passion.