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The Ninja Librarian

The Ninja Librarian - Rebecca Douglass The Ninja Librarian by Rebecca Douglass is a story told in the perspective of Big Al, the local school teacher of Skunk Corners. They have had a lot of trouble with librarians, many not lasting long because of the conditions within the small town. With the new librarian, Tom, there's bound to be trouble. Not necessarily because of the librarian, but because there's been bets going on about how long he'll last. Join Big Al and The Ninja Librarian to see what happens!

I got it for free from Smashwords, via a free coupon provided in December 2014. Regardless, this is my honest opinion about the book. I quite enjoyed it. The book is essentially a bunch of short stories centering around the two main characters, Big Al and Tom. Overall, it's more about Big Al and her school. Her pupils often have troubles, such as not having enough food, warm cloths, etc. At these points, Big Al turns to Tom for the answers to her questions, many of these answers can often be found in books or Tom's training. I quite like the way they use knowledge in the town since the librarian's arrival. It's quite special that the townspeople now use books to find the answers to their questions and that the kids in Big Al's class will know that for their future.

As for the people, I think Douglass has set up some great and unique characters. I think that the author did not introduce more than necessary and each of them had their proper uses. I did quite like how Wild Harry Colson and Crazy Jake kept on making appearances and doing their best to help the town at certain points.

My only problem is that sometimes the accented speach becomes annoying ("She done run off to hev her bebby.") and it can occassionally take a few moments to figure out what they say. I'm thankful that not all characters speak like that the whole time, but the few times some do, can be distracting.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot. It's great for both kids and adults with amusing plots and great characters. Five stars, definitely.