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The Misadventures of Millie

The Misadventures of Millie - Rebecca Heishman In the foreword of the book, Tim Baker states, "anybody who has ever been owned by a dog will love this book." Personally, I have never owned or been owned by a dog. However, I did still enjoy the book. Esentially, Millie is innocent and has an interesting outlook on life. Together, we experience a few of her (mis)adventures. The book is a lot of miniature stories compiled together.

It was a bit confusing to read at first. I knew that the stories inside were told by Millie, but I was not expecting them to be so riddled with incorrect words. At first I just thought that they were spelling errors, but then I realised that it was a deliberate tactic by the author to make it more believeable as Millie's "voice". In a lot of ways, it does kind of feel like she's very human childlike; she doesn't always understand the decisions adults have made for her and she doesn't always understand about the things she finds when exploring. In some cases, when she doesn't understand the adult decisions, she acts kind of whiney in reply, in addition to being a little bit disrespectful. However, I think that adds something that a child might relate to; that they don't understand and just act upset because that's all they can do.

There are several biblical quotes and undertones. I know that some people are bothered by that kind of thing, so I am just warning anyone who does take a dislike to that. Though I think it would be a great book for kids, I would not necessarily say that it is a great book to help a child learn to read/ spell. As I mentioned above, Millie's "voice" does have many spelling errors and, just going by that, I think it might confuse some kids. However, having said that, I imagine it being a great book to read to kids. The stories are short and provide a good opportunity for the reader to do voices, if that's what the child likes. I received my copy of this book via a giveaway, but my thoughts here are honest.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it. Millie's adventures are intriguing and her innocence is refreshing. Reading through these stories felt kind of like learning for the first time and going through Millie's adventures with her. My favourites parts of the book were definitely the illustrations! They were adorable. It was quick to read and, being an adult, I felt like I enjoyed the book as much as a child would. I think it's well worth five stars.