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One Condition

One Condition - Nova Raines, Mira Bailee I received a free eBook copy of this for signing up to the Lust List mailing list. Despite receiving a free copy, all the opinions in this review are my own, honest thoughts. Just my opinion. There will, likely be spoilers.

Hayley Wade, the main female. The story is told in her perspective. I found that she was somewhat self-entitled, especially when she just expects to inherit so much and is angry at the very fact that she actually has to do something to get the inheritance. The other thing that annoyed me was in the second page of the first chapter, when the lawyer hands a piece of paper to her, their hands accidentally touch and she automatically assumes that he's trying to seduce her. I just didn't understand that; she had no reason to think that the lawyer wanted to have sex with her. It just, to me, made her look really stuck up; that she thinks just because her hand touches a male's, that it's because he wants to be in bed with her. Hayley is pretty much a very cliché character; she's rich (not by her own making), beautiful (we only have her word on that) and she feels that everyone else owes her something. She's shallow, to put it in one word. I'd like to point out, at this point, that I think the lawyer was being completely fair. All he was doing was explaining to her the conditions of the will. Just because she doesn't get the money, doesn't make it his fault.

Kaidan Stone is introduced soon after the incident with the lawyer. He acts as a white knight and saves her from... Well, paparazzi... So, effectively, he's not all that much of a saviour considering. Especially considering that she mentions that they had only begun following her after she shop-lifted, so effectively it's her own fault. Actually, as we continue reading, we find out that he has a temper and actually goes so far as to assault one of the paparazzi. An event that Hayley laughs at. That's right, he physically abuses another person and she thinks it's funny. What is wrong with these people?

As they continue through the story, (I'm writing this review as I'm reading the book, just so you know) Kaidan asks her of her life and instantly she begins to lie to him. For no reason at all. She then makes the assumption that he works at the law firm because he happens to have a reserved parking spot, "Daddy got you a job," she comments, passing judgement on him, even though she doesn't realise how hypocritical she is for judging him on that. "Whatever that was between us, clearly he didn’t care to continue it. He didn’t even ask for my number." Mind you, I wouldn't want to spend any extra time with her either, just based on how she treated him. A little while later we meet Luis and Carlos, Latino henchmen who are out to collect the debts that Hayley's father owes. They're pretty cliché. There's nothing special to them and they act in the normal way debt collectors do; just threatening and breaking stuff. They're made to look stupid, I assume, because they destroy an expensive car when they could have essentially just taken it and gotten back some of the debt. Hayley probably should have offered the car to pay off some debt. Maybe the author didn't think of that, I don't know. It just seems like an incredibly stupid scene. I'm not some sort of gangster, but I am embarrassed by all parties involved to that scene. Next up, Hayley's afraid to leave her apartment because a black SUV (the Latino gangsters had one) just happens to be parked outside. I don't know what dream world Hayley Wade lives in, but black SUVs are hugely popular. Surely she'd see them most days and realise how common they are, especially in LA.

Hayley's friend, Charlotte, is stereotypical as well. She's beautiful, everyone notices her (apparently). Later on, we find out, "Char always introduces herself by name-dropping her mom". She doesn't sound like a very nice person, let's be honest. She brings, to the penthouse, a copy of a magazine where Hayley was photographed with Kaiden back at the law firm. Hayley then makes a realisation that Kaiden is someone important. From the way it's written, it's made to seem as if they're the next big couple and that he's hugely popular. This is just a ridiculous thing to write because if he’s so important or well known, than surely Hayley would have heard of him before. The reasons the author gives that he hasn't been heard of (by Hayley) before are foggy and don't really make sense. Firstly, he apparently only got on the Lust List one week earlier. Okay, but in just moments, we find out that his family own the record label that her father was attached to... Okay...? What? So, Kaidan (if you're following) has only been famous about a week, though he's really been famous for many years and they really probably would know of each other by now in any real scenario.

Now, on to discuss Peyton, Kaidan's former girlfriend. So, just from what Charlotte says, she's pretty nasty and "not talented at all". Charlotte gossips a little, saying that Peyton... well, did sexual favours in order to get on the cast of Werewolf Chronicles. When we actually meet her, Hayley comments that they're doppelgangers (because we found previously that they look the same). Yet, she then tries (mentally) insulting Peyton by commenting that she looks airbrushed, like a magazine cover. So, they apparently look exactly alike, but she then insults Peyton for her looks. So, she's insulting herself... It gets worse because later on, she and Peyton arrive at a party in the same dress. Hayley then starts commenting about how much better she looks in it than Peyton does.

The author doesn't seem to know what to do with Hayley, I think. first she makes it out as if she's some super famous girl; making front page because of her shop-lifting, parents deaths, whatever she does to get attention. Yet, at the club, she keeps on trying to claim that Hayley is pretty much D-List. Than why try so hard to make her look like an A-Lister? The author has essentially wasted a few dozen pages trying to convince us about how important Hayley is when really no-one cares about her. It does not make sense. I think that the author has no common sense at all. None of the plot points seem to make any sense whatsoever. Most of the characters, settings and even whole scenes are stereotypical. The worst thing is that they're all put together in such a way that it doesn't work at all. Sure, some of the scenes might look cool on television. Some people might like characters like that. However, it's just been jumbled and the way the book has been written makes everyone look stupid and no-one in the book has even one iota of intelligence. Except maybe the lawyer. I know that he's meant to look like the bad guy because he's not giving her what she wants. However, he's just doing his job and he has to do so in a legal manner. If anyone knows what has to happen to get her the money, it's him. Yet, Hayley is nasty to him just because he happened to touch her hand. What's the big deal with hating that guy? Seriously. I am hugely disappointed in this book. Just, so upset about how bad it was. I think it was kind of cliche. Essentially, what it's about is a bunch of stupid people acting like idiots. The only reasonably smart person is made to look nasty because he was just doing his job. Much of the people in this book suffer from lack of discipline. From what I gather, we are meant to like the main characters, but they are very nasty, not just to each other, but to random people that they don't even know. Poor behaviour such as shop lifting and thievery are justified by Hayley. Shops expect to be stolen from, in one case. The other case is an attempt to steal a diamond, which belongs to another woman and Hayley thinks that her actions are appropriate. Hayley is a terribly nasty person with no likeable qualities.

As I said above, I'm hugely disappointed in this book. The majority of it does not make sense. None of the main characters are likeable and the majority of the characters display behaviour which I am thouroughly disgusted at. 1 Star. It doesn't deserve more. That's just my opinion. I do not intend to read more of this author's work.