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The Silent Deal

The Silent Deal - Levi Stack I received an eBook version of this in return for an honest review. Also, a warning that there might be a few spoilers in this review, though I'll try to avoid including anything like that.

The Silent Deal is about a Russian town, Aryk, in the nineteenth century. One of its inhabitants, Viktor, witnesses a hanging at a young age. It forever haunts him, as well as the reason for it. Cards. How, you might ask, could a card be so dangerous? Well, Viktor doesn't know either. He meets another boy, Romulus, and together, they hunt for the truth about the town. The Silent Deal is perhaps the only thing that might save them and their fellow citizens.

I quite liked this book. The setting was pretty enjoyable. The author uses description well to introduce us to the town. The history and mysteries surrounding The Silent Deal and town were quite interesting as well. There were a lot of twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat.

My only real problem with the book is that there are a few too many characters to follow. In the beginning, I was a little bit lost because it wasn't clear to me when Viktor was introduced so soon after the baby being found in the forest. I was sort of under the impression, in the beginning, that Viktor was that child. Though, I was thankful when it was explained a bit better later on. There were several times where I forgot certain characters or felt that they weren't particularly useful. Though, I did like how the author kept on referring back to many of them and found uses for all sorts of varying people. The most amusing bit, to myself, was when Romulus was taking Viktor to meet his grandmother. I felt, at the end, that Romulus' back story wasn't completely explain. So I hope that we learn more about his past in the future. Overall, I liked many of the characters and enjoyed that each of them had all sorts of things to do throughout the novel.

I thought it kind of sweet how Romulus and Viktor became friends. Their relationship felt completely natural and I thought it quite interesting that each boy was teaching the other various skills that might aid them in future. I liked their inventions and the way that each of them might have some basis in reality, though with a few being a bit farfetched. Otherwise, I felt many of the scenes heartwarming and all of the worries surrounding the townspeople felt quite natural. Their fears for The Leopard and cards felt somewhat genuine.

I felt it quite worthy of five stars and intend to read more of the series, especially considering there are a few more things I'd really like to know.