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Boys Don't Ride

Boys Don't Ride - Katharina Marcus I saw this available for a giveaway a few days ago and found that the eBook is available for free on Goodreads.

Tull is a seventeen year old boy. Ever since he was a child, he's found comfort in horses. When they used to ride outside his house, he ran outside to greet them. Though, after the years, there's been fewer horses in his life. However, when Liberty comes into his life, he soon rekindles his passion for the animals and helps her out at the stables.

I quite enjoyed it. It was short, but didn't really feel like some other short stories I've read. The author doesn't rush through the story, instead she takes her time to explain how Tull feels at various points. She uses her time to describe settings and even vague histories of many of the characters. I thought the overall book was heart warming and the various little bits of humour made me smile.