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Blind Servitude

Blind Servitude - David Chattaway Blind Servitude is an incredible book about Eli, a young boy. He and his family are forced to work in the mines. They live in the mines because centuires ago, they were driven below ground. There are tales of fights and beasts that have been passed on through generations. Plus, most people are kept in line by a handful of guards. When the rest of his family believes that his mother is dead, Eli still has hopes that he can find her alive somewhere. Soon after that, his brother and sister are taken and Eli has further hope that he can find them somewhere. Eli has the help of a friend, Peta, and he looks for a way to help everyone break free from the confines of the mine.

I'm pretty stunned by this book. It's a really incredible book. The characters are amazing. Eli has an air of innocence and he's very selfless. Everything he does is to try and aid his family or friends. He worries when his father may kill a guard, or even at the thought that other guards might have to die in order for them to be free. The plot is wonderful. It's a little reminiscent of other media that I've seen or read before. However, the rest of the book is quite unique. It uses mysticism, hope and fear to steer the story along. The writing style of the author is quite charming and whimsical. They successfully manage to convey emotions and desires, with a few added portions of humour. My favourite part of the book is the illustrations, I have to admit. They're cute and really portray some of the characters well.

I am so, so happy with this book and it really impressed me. As the book is short, only a hundred pages, it took me a little more than an hour to read. This book is definitely worth a read and has earned itself 5 stars, in my opinion. I received it free from an online giveaway, held by the author via thebookshelfgargoyle. Despite receiving a copy for free, the above review is my honest opinion.