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On Dragonfly Wings: A Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship

On Dragonfly Wings: A Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship - Daniela Norris I received this book as part of a FirstReads giveaway here on Goodreads.

Being a skeptic, but sometimes believer of the supernatural, I took to this book with an open mind. It surprised me, at first, that the book was somewhat easy to read. The elements flowed well together. Even when I was reading elements that happened a century ago, it seemed natural and even personal to me. There's a lot of information in the book, which I felt like it was successfully written because there isn't any unnecessary information. The majority of these experiences, discussed in the book, are about the death of Michael. Yet, his passing isn't taken as such a horrific or depressing thing, to me. Instead, he is an important part of the author's journey to spiritual aspects of her life. We further go into other important times and places where she's felt comfortable in that lifestyle. From the beginning, through to the end, I felt like I experienced somewhat of a spiritual journey of my own as I read into her life.

I don't necessarily believe in a spiritual realm, though I don't deny that one exists. While reading this book, I thought that there were some deeply thought-provoking moments and some great information provided. I was particularly interested in the idea of spirit-midwifery and wish the author had touched on that more, even whether she might have tried to discern the soul of her own third child, the pregnancy of which being introduced in a final portion of the book. I might be reading more into such things, being that the idea of such a thing intrigues me. I just can't find the words to say what I really feel about this book. In short, I think it felt like a very personal read, despite never having met the author or known of her work before this book. Being skeptical of such things, it felt kind of humbling and I found that I'm more open to the idea of a spiritual realm than I might have been before.

Many moments were thought-provoking and I definitely think I want to look into such things in future, whether they're real or not. The book took me a little less than two hours to read, without any breaks; it was simply too interesting to put down. I think it's well deserving of five stars, being that it presented a beautiful introduction into the world of Daniela Norris, the author.