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Top Secret Twenty-One

Top Secret Twenty-One - Janet Evanovich I read this book in a total of about four hours. I've read all the prior Stephanie Plum novels and have been waiting on this one for ages.

As far as Stephanie Plum novels go, this didn't really hit the mark in terms of my expectations. Though, it left me pleasantly surprised in other areas. If you're familiar with these novels, you'll know that Stephanie is a bounty hunter, joined by Lula (a former prostitute), Ranger (an ex-army man with his own security company) and Morelli (a police officer and sort of boyfriend). Through all of her novels, Stephanie gets caught up in ridiculous plotlines with incredible outcomes. Much of the time, she's hunting bounties, but sometimes she gets asked for favours by friends. Such is what is happening during Top Secret Twenty-One. Ranger, in the beginning of the novel, is getting help from her to catch a bounty of his own. Through various plot points in the novel, it's not that simple. Stephanie soon enough gets a bounty of her own, which isn't so simple either...

This novel wasn't like its predecessors. In the prior novels, Stephanie often does a lot of stupid things and much of the plot lines revolve around making things as funny as possible. In Top Secret, however, Stephanie is actually displaying a lot of reasonable thinking. Though she gets into shenanigans, she actually is clearly becoming smarter and showing a little bit of intelligence to her work.

I think the theme of the novel is pretty much that she's a very loyal person. Through her helping Ranger and Randy Briggs, there are some pretty lovely moments. There's still a lot of funny bits, destroyed cars and even a little bit of mystery. Though, there's still the choice between Ranger and Morelli, even though she does end up in bed with a naked Ranger...

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the book and it gets 4 stars from me!