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Nemesis in Spain

Nemesis in Spain - George J.  Thomas I received a free copy of this book through First Reads, but I've kept this review honest and hopefully free from spoilers. Though, a few spoilers might jump through the cracks so please consider yourself warned.

I'll first provide a little bit of information about the story. Alexei, the main character, is a Russian operative providing a freelance service. He has been hired contracted to retrieve a vast amount of money that was stolen. Throughout the book, we go along with Alexei on his adventures through to Spain and Andorra, reading as he carries out his assignments.

My first thoughts about this book are that it's simply written. I guess that sounds rude of me to say (it's not intended that way, though), but it's quite a refreshing way to read as the writing style means that the overall story easy to follow. The plot seems well structured. Alexei goes through his missions in a way that it doesn't confuse the plot or assignments.

I think the thing I'm most pleased with about the book is that none of the (main) characters are stupid. In some books, characters make stupid decisions in order to look cool or in the attempt to look smart. In "Nemesis in Spain", Alexei makes some thoroughly intelligent decisions and thus, his plans mostly go well. Hayzu, Alexei's female companion who he has known for a decade, is also very intelligent. He helped train her, about a decade ago, and seems to be somewhat of an accomplished agent as well. She aids him on his missions, becoming a very valuable partner, in more ways than one. As to the other characters, I felt it somewhat unique in the way that the author would switch through various peoples' points of view to help tell the story from various perspectives. It was also interesting to learn portions of the plans other characters were making and how they might clash with Alexei's.

The main problem I do have with the book is that it doesn't have a definite finish. Alexei's assignments are finished at the end of the novel, but at the end of the novel, it's sort of a cliff hanger and we're left wondering what's going to happen next.

It took me about three hours to read in total. I think it was quite a good story. The plot was good and the characters were as well. I'd rate it 3.5 stars, rounded up to four. I'm interested in reading the next in the series and may do so in future.