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I'll Put 3 Chips on God - just in case there is one

I'll Put 3 Chips on God - just in case there is one - Preeti Gupta, Yury Rumyantsev I'll Put 3 Chips on God by Preeti Gupta is not just a book about religion. It is a book where the author tries to explain things about the world, based on their understanding of events and scenarios. Gupta puts forth some interesting ideas and examples to explain things, including some humour and personal stories of her own life.

Right from the beginning of this book, I like it. The author, Preeti Gupta, has captured me. This isn't some sort of really dull non-fiction / self help book; this is a book with a spirit, one that I can relate to. The author begins explaining her life simply and her relation to religion, being that she doesn't really have one to begin with. I certainly feel the same. Agnostic is the official term, I believe, which is how I feel I am. I don't have a definite religion. I believe in something, but I just don't know what. Unicorns, that's what I believe in, but that's just me. The author then goes to explain all sorts of things about the universe and belief systems as she sees it. I think it's a pretty interesting view on life. The author presents some interesting theories and arguments to do with each type of belief, based on what they know about the subject or their understanding. They also use science to explain religions, spirituality and things like karma.

Overall, I found it quite relateable. Gupta has added some very personal touches to the book such as humour, some which is easily missed if you aren't paying attention. Speaking of not paying attention, she's also added summaries to many points so you can catch up if you were a bit distracted, but too lazy to go back. It has minimal bad language, though I would like to warn you about plant and bug death within the book, if that's the type of thing you find upsetting. I think it's a book that might appeal to all sorts of audiences. I would personally recommend it to people who are looking for a light hearted (and not too serious) religious or spiritual debate.

I received a copy of this in return for an honest review. I'm quite happy rating it five stars as I feel it's well deserving of such a rating; I could easily relate to many instances within the novel and could see a lot of my own life in the book.