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Immortal Door

Immortal Door - Marion Tucker Today I obtained and read a free .PDF download of this from Goodreads. Despite gaining a free copy, this is an honest review and just my opinion.

The book begins with Jasmin in an online chatroom. She's a 15 year old feamle who lives in the UK. She meets George, also known as Frozenheart102 who is a few years older and also lives in the UK. Over the next few weeks, they share information about their likes, dislikes and various interests. What they really bond over is their shared love for vampires. One day, they've decided to meet for the first time in person. Though he adores her for her appearance, she considers him ugly. However, she stays and they talk. At this point, he confesses to her that he is an actual vampire. Years ago, he had been sired by Chloe, who is a vampire from another dimension. Though she now has a life here, she seeks to open a portal to the other dimension to recover her lover.

The majority of the book is convoluted. There's a lot of plot which talks about this other dimension, and even conflict that develops from it, yet none of really makes sense. It's confusing and there's just too much plot to cover. Yet, it's written in such a way that it jumps around from place to place. In between scenes, it can leap very far ahead in time with little explanation. It jumps from peoples' perspective in a similar manner, leaping to scenes with another person without concluding the events of the former in a proper manner. Much of the plot is unnecessary and could have been written better. Going on about the writing style, there's little maturity in the plot development, character development or even the descriptions.

None of the characters are appealing or even likeable. Their actions are kind of childish in areas and they make stupid mistakes. Furthermore, the author introduces heaps of characters that are completely unnecessary, many only making minor appearances before disappearing forever. Many of them have little use.

Overall, the book isn't very well done. The plot is poorly presented, though the story had an interesting premise, but was not very well produced. None of the characters are interesting and many have very unlikeable qualities. They're mostly selfish, nasty people with stupid motives for their actions. In my opinion, it's not even worth one star.