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Identity - Tony Guntrip Jane Anderson and John Tilley are complete opposites. He cares for details, evidence and upholding police standards. She, however, is lost in investigations and tries to find fragments of suitable evidence wherever possible. In the beginning, I was kind of expecting the story to focus more on Tilley rather than Anderson, being that I found him a little more interesting than I did her. I didn't mind any of the characters, though I didn't take a particular interest to any. I think they were all fitting for the novel and all were suitable to the plot. Towards the end of the novel, it just seemed to me that Anderson and Tilley were a little bit too familiar with each other, despite only having known each other such a little time. Originally, she'd been professional in her interactions with him and even displayed signs of trying to gain his respect. I just thought it odd that she wanted so badly to clear his name, despite only known him such a short time and yet others, who had probably known him longer, didn't really have any interest in clearing his name. I just assume she was still trying to gain his respect. I was subtly amused that when his name had been cleared, she was mentally upset that he wasn't as grateful as she thought he ought to be.

I think the pacing of the plot worked well. More often than not, works of crime fiction ten to rush their plots to have the events happen within days to make it seem more dramatic (I can only assume). The events in Identity are set out over a period of months. Though there are points where it skips days at a time and even weeks. I think this is better for the novel because it doesn't force unnecessary detail on us and gives us a share of the more important events surrounding the case without it becoming some mundane story. The overall plot was well done and, by the end of the story, everything seemed to make sense. Throughout the story, I had issues with how the plot came together, but that was mostly because we hadn't gotten all of the information yet. The overall mystery aspect was well done and it gave all sorts of twists, turns and various red herrings. I think some aspects were a little too conveniant, like the appearance of an identical twin brother, that even Tilley didn't know about. The story provided a lot of drama, as well as a little bit of romance, without the story becoming tacky (thankfully).

I think that the novel was pretty good, though not perfect, so four stars is fitting. I "bought" it from Amazon for $0.00 so I'm pretty pleased that it was such a good read.