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Of Saints and Shadows

Of Saints and Shadows - Christopher Golden I actually thought this was a pretty good book.

I think that having so many characters was actually good for the novel. Though many of them were gone or dead by the end of the novel, I thought it provided me the chance to see the plot from all sorts of opinions and sides of the war. Even the chance of seeing the events from very minor or "everyday" people was beneficial to the novel because it gave me the chance to see what sort of opinion they might hold about the other characters.
There weren't any characters I particularly hated. Though there were a few I sort of disliked, basically for things they did against all common sense. The reporter, Tracy, for example. I just thought her actions were completely stupid; going to a vampire party in the first place, despite being warned by all sorts of characters, was just stupid on her part. Then, despite the awful things that had happened to her during her first visit, she decides to go back to have her story told on international television. It all worked out fine for her, but it was a completely stupid thing to do and really made me feel embarrassed for her intelligence, despite that the author was trying to make her seem somewhat smart and ambitious.
I particularly liked the character of The Bookshop. I believe his name was Joe...? I just found that his character was somewhat intelligent that he was different from so many other characters I've read in books. Despite being a background character, he was my favourite.

The way the plot jumped around, though a little bit confusing at times, was also beneficial to the novel, I feel. It seemed that we got more of a view of the events at each moment and to see what kind of things each character are doing. I kind of felt that some were a little irrelevant, though, and sort of wished that the story with the reporter were not in the story at all as it really distracted from the actual important bits.

The actual storyline with The Defiant Ones vs The Sorcerers/ Magicians was somewhat impressive, though I wish we'd gotten a little more information about how it began and the events leading up to this novel. I just found that it was sort of vague. Though, those aspects will probably be continued in the next novel.

I feel that 4 stars is a good rating for this novel. It's a great book, though it's not perfect. I'm considering reading the next book, though this one was very long and I might wait until I have a little more time during the year.