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Glazed Murder

Glazed Murder - Jessica Beck Although I wasn't very interested during the start, I became more interested in the novel later on.

I think the main reason for my lack of interest was that it needed to explain all the characters, locations and introduce many of the aspects of the series. I didn't particularly take much of an interest in the characters so far. I wasn't really offended or found any real problems with any of the characters. None just took my interest. Perhaps that will change if I choose to read the next one.
Though I sort of dislike the character of the ex-husband, Max, I'm curious to see where his plot will lead us as well as what his end goal is. Surely there's a better storyline than to just appear antagonistic.

The plot was alright. The fact that she owns a doughnut shop is a little irrelevant to me. It could reasonably be a book shop or candy store and my interest wouldn't really change. Even within the entire plot, the story could legitimately be changed to a dead body being dumped out in front of her house or something and she would still have the option to investigate the murder. It seems like a superficial addition to the story, in my opinion. To me, the doughnut shop aspect doesn't seem like it has much more importance than serving us amusing titles. I'm not really interested in the recipes inbetween the chapters, either.

As for the murder investigation, I felt it a little bit too wild. Realistically, it seems a bit too beyond the character; just from what I've seen so far. A dead body gets dropped outside her shop and she immediately launches into an investigation of it? It's a little too silly. Not to mention later lying her way through interviews and even going so far to play dress up to aid this. I'm kind of embarrassed for her, but that's just my opinion. I hope there isn't too much more of that in the second book. Many other points in the novel just seemed irrelevant as well, like Max (allegedly) letting down the tires of Jake Bishop's car while he and Suzanne are having dinner. Then the silly arguments between them while he's desperately trying to get back together with her. It only really served to make Suzanne look like people wanted to date her. Which is awkward because she hadn't had a date/ romantic relationship since the divorce, but now a bunch of people want her... It's not a particularly great romantic start to the series. It's irrelevant and a little overused already.

I didn't particularly care for the outcome, either. It just seemed untinteresting for me.

I don't think it deserves more than three stars, in my opinion. I'm considering reading the next addition, but won't necessarily go through with it.