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The Old Warrior

The Old Warrior - Dale Broda Jr. I had just registered my Kindle on Amazon and went to look for something to read. This was free from the Amazon Kindle Store and so I "bought" it.

I, personally, didn't think much of it. It was a nice concept; an old warrior helping a young girl during battle and then they basically get stuck together.

I didn't particularly enjoy either main character. They both seemed a little cliche; an old warrior wanting to die during battle and a youthful, very pretty young girl. The girl was a little more cliche than I would like. She is deliberatly made out to seem very special, despite not actually doing much to warrant that sort of special attention. Many times throughout the story, the old warrior notices her beauty and even considers a few inappropriate things toward her- also comparing her to other woman he's bedded.

I think that a little too much of the story is focused on the battle. The old warrior goes from one battle to another and we never really find out much about the other side. I think that, in a way, the author is trying to make it sort of timeless- that it could seem as if it were just any battle and we're meant to consider it important because this is the side we're on. Yet, I felt myself wondering how such a battle and such a war began. In this case, I was very disappointed.

I think the fantastical aspect also fell flat. The old warrior faces many mythical beasts, but I didn't find any of this to be really interesting. It (the fantasy) could realistically be replaced by various goons on in a forest and the story wouldn't be much different. On that note, I think the druids appearing at the end were a little bit wasted. It seemed unnecessary and the fantasy scene the author was trying to create seemed utterly useless. The druids didn't really do anything special that we saw. We're informed that they helped both the old warrior and the young girl at a time before this, but there's no proper detail toward that either.

The ending itself was kind of pointless. Though he's been looking for death the entire novel, the druids (I believe they were called "bruin"?) decide that he and the girl need each other. Then the story basically ends as if the author has no other idea on how to leave it.

I was disappointed with this book and am at least grateful that I got it free. Almost every aspect of this story fell flat; neither of the main characters seemed important to me, the battling seemed pretty flat and the fantastical elements were unnecessary. I think two stars is a bit of a stretch, but I'll be generous and give it two, anyway...