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Takedown Twenty

Takedown Twenty - Janet Evanovich Janet Evanovich has twenty of these in the series now, plus another 4 "between the novels". For a little while, they weren't very good. This is mostly due to the same basic plotline over and over again.

Takedown Twenty has the same basic plotline; where Stephanie gets a few cases, can't do it by herself and then she (with Lula or Grandma Mazur, very commonly) gets into ridiculous amounts of trouble. Usually she then needs help from other people (Ranger & Morelli) who do their best. But she will usually come through for herself in the end.

My main problem is that her mood is always up and down. She doesn't act like a usual woman would. She gets thrown off a bridge and then is only a little shaken up about it, not enough to prevent her from working, clearly. I know all woman are different, but if it were me, I'd be totally freaked. I'm sure that if it were a real life scenario, she would be freaked as well.

I know that's just how she is, though. Apart from that, I think it was a pretty amusing read featuring a giraffe, a mob boss and Stephanie's new life as a butcher.

I think the main thing one has to get over when reading these books is that they're not meant to be taken seriously. They aren't great books, if one is to look at them from a critical standpoint, and certainly not deserving of such high ratings. But, I'm usually generous because they evoke emotions from me that other books just don't give. I get ridiculously excited about them and I've no real reason why.

There was a rut that Janet was stuck in with ridiculous character changes a few books back where Stephanie was doing all sorts of wild things with Ranger. But those sorts of things have mellowed out. She's still having those little "moments" where they kiss, but I think that's basically to please Ranger/ Stephanie fans (myself included). I would prefer her with Ranger, but the few times they've been paired like that was obscenely stupid, including Goldilocks events.

It's not worth five stars, or even the four stars I'm actually giving it. But, if you enjoy Stephanie Plum books, you would understand why.