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The Opal Deception

The Opal Deception - Eoin Colfer Once again, another five-star book. A three-star being the average and four being quite good, I believe that this book is truly amazing and certainly deserves to be rated as such.

I enjoyed Opal's escape scene and felt that it was suitably explained. Although it might seem like a slow beginning, I like the updated progress on Opal's condition. The fact she's been in a "coma" for about a year is amusing because in the second book she had seemed somewhat like an unstable character. In this, she seems like a mix between a completely unstable character and the most calm of them all.

The thing I like most about these books is the way everything comes together at the end. The main reason I like (clever) mysteries is the way certain things matter and then reappear later on when you least expect it. Such a thing can certainly be said about the Artemis Fowl series; I like the way that there is a lack of complete violence and nobody needs to die in order to have a clever turn of events. Fowl intellect is a wonderful thing in a novel.

Artemis' nature, although in the beginning of the series was a little intolerable, has become a marvellous thing. By the end of The Opal Deception, he has certainly become a better person. During this book, I found myself admiring many of the characters. I don't believe there is a single one that I disliked. From Opal to the Dr. Argon and the usual characters, I am pleasantly amused by each of them and their qualities.

The switching between perspectives is something that happens often during these novels. If it were a television program, movie or indeed a novel by anyone else, it might become a dull affair. However, Mr. Colfer does the perspective switches in such a manner that provides intrigue and one can often rely on such a scene change to explain the mystery of the events.
On a related note, I am impressed with the way many characters are represented in these scene changes. In other novels, the perspective is often only provided by main characters (either good or evil), but throughout the Artemis Fowl novels, the story is not only told by main characters. No, much of the information of comes from background characters such as Dr. Jargon and other people who we rely upon to gain a little more knowledge of the events.

This is definitely well worth a read, as is the rest of the series.