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The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony - Eoin Colfer The genre of Science Fiction has always been interesting to me, but many novels take great leaps that take them out of bounds within the scenes they create. Within the five Artemis Fowl books I've read so far, I don't feel that there has been a single instance of such a "leap". Even with the introduction of time travel and dimensions, I still feel that the plot, setting and characters are all well-placed and nothing is out of balance.

The new characters are all very interesting as well.
Minerva seems like a very fitting side character. Though I don't see her as being an integral part of future plots (just yet), I think she has been written properly and is a suitable "love interest" for Artemis. Her intellect and the part she plays in this novel is perfect. She was written as a "young Artemis Fowl" and it certainly will be interesting to see whether she develops new technology or researches much of The People's society in future. I wish the ending of the novel had a little more explanation of what had happened in those missing years, but it was suitable ending without her inclusion.
Number 1 is an interesting character as well. I liked his introduction and the "warping" of the other imps. It was greatly amusing and I could certainly related to his personality. If I were in his place, I have no doubt that I would certainly feel the same if I were in such a position. His warlock powers had an interesting place in the novel and I admit I had great expectations for them. Indeed, I was wondering whether (because of Abbot's own magic) he was Abbot's son or something, which would be a turn of events. However, I was amused by Abbot's own events in the end, anyway.
Abbot, though he definitely won't be making much of an appearance in future, in my consideration, was a good character as well. Despite his typical warrior shell, it was interesting to see the trickster nature and the way he manipulated many of the demons, including the council. The aid of the "stolen" magic was interesting.

It was interesting to read Artemis' own changes, as well. In other books, the use of puberty is either an unmentionable force or one that completely manipulates the story (mostly to make main characters to look like a joke for hormone differences). In this case, it was certainly written properly. It included that subject and expanded to include such events happening in Number 1's life as well. It was included and taken seriously, to the extent of saving the world due to Number 1's changes. The physical changes, because of time travel, was intriguing. The changed eye with Holly, the finger changes (on many characters) and various other body transformations were an interesting subjects. Considering the next book involves more time travel, I certainly hope that these developments continue.

On other notes:
I think the addition of a few little brothers were amusing, but unnecessary.
Mulch was a little underused in this book, but it's understandable considering his participation in the prior and the introduction of new characters.
I look forward to reading more of the demon society. In fact, I'd like to know more of The People's society in general, more than just the LEP. I'd like to know about sprites and gnomes, trolls and even more of the centaurs.

Otherwise, I'd say this book still keeps the story going strong. I am sitll impressed with the series and hopefully they continue to be this well written.