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The Eternity Code

The Eternity Code - Eoin Colfer This book was particularly amusing. Within series, many authors revert to habits and books often repeat their own storylines. However, the Artemis Fowl series is impressive in that right; that Mr. Colfer has very original storylines and continues this feat with every book and they continue very strong plotlines in each.

Though the first book focuses on the new world open to Artemis and the second continues the exploration of HavenCity, The Eternity Code explores the fairy technology Artemis has accumulated over the time. He's created a new piece of technology which is then promptly stolen. Interestingly enough, the usual characters take their rightful place to save both worlds (again).

I was partcularly impressed with the way Mulch Diggums was slotted into the picture, being employed by the mob. I think it seemed like a reasonable (and fitting) place for the dwarf. The changes of the Butler duo seemed fitting as well. I'm intrigued by the character transformations of Butler and his sister and am excited to know what the next book(s) hold for both of them.

As for plot development, I was quite amused by the tricks and twists Mr. Colfer has used to fulfil Fowl's plans. Artemis and Holly once again work well together and Foaly makes some nice appearances. The continuation of The People's magic works well as it has in the prior books and their technology has been upgraded in a reasonable manner considering that this book is only a supposed 16 months after the first events of the engagements between their peoples.

All in all, I'm rather impressed again and hope that the further books keep up to the same standard. Once again, it is well worth a five-star rating.