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Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer I recently read this again, at least half a decade (or more) since reading it the first time. When I first read this book, I loved it and read it really quickly. It was truly worth a five star rating, when I added it to my Goodreads list.

Upon my recent read of the novel, I am still impressed by the characters, plot and content of the book.

I still enjoy the multiple types of character. A body guard/ butler who is seemingly Artemis' only adult supervision. A child prodigy, torn between trying to strike it rich or to wallow in his father's disappearance. I like the added cop drama between the LEPrecon unit and the levels of command duty between them.

It follows a great level of plot as well. While taking a basic hostage situation, the author has taken a great twist and added the use of magic. Aspects like Holly's unintended semi-escape and the introduction of the troll fit nicely within Artemis' plan.

The book contains a lovely amount of information, introducing us to magical culture. Not only that, it has a good amount of real life spin off content, basing Mud People culture on The People's own society. The technology and overall society of The People is thought provoking and remarkably up to date, even for a book (first) published a dozen years ago.

I must say, even if it did take me longer to read this time, I'm still impressed with the book and it still deserves a five star rating, in my opinion.