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Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger - Philip Caveney I read this book many years ago and I see that few people have taken an interest on Good Reads. From what I can remember of the novel, it took me very little time to read considering the size. I was young and many things, I thought at the time, were a little too mature for me.

There isn't a description listed above, but it was a reasonable plot with a decent level of character development. I will sumarise the plot; basically an old hunter habits a bar around a jungle area. One day, a young hunter comes into the bar and gloats to everyone that he is going to kill and mount the head of the beastly tiger that haunts the village.

It goes around killing people, so thusly people support this idea and want the tiger to be captured and killed. The old hunter is hesitant and jealous of the attention the young hunter is getting. The old hunter goes hunting for the beast as well.

I won't go into more of it, but I thought it was a well done piece. It was a good display of the social dynamics between youth and the elderly. To me, it sort of metaphorically related to the relevance of old people in the work place; in certain jobs, once a person becomes a certain age, they are no longer fit to complete tasks.

I think the thing I most enjoyed about the book was the assumed connection between the old man and the tiger (who was also very old). The author connected them well and made the tale a little bit spiritual; in the fact that the tiger and the old man might understand each other, even though they could not speak to each other.