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Nebular Hypothesis

Nebular Hypothesis - Bradley Hoge Nebular Hypothesis is a book of poems by Bradley Hoge, a thoughtful commitment to the ones close to him- his family. The theme is the solar system. The author uses this as a way to symbolise his life and the events that go on in it. It's quite an interesting approach to a book and I enjoyed the author's works surrounding the varying features such as the planets. My favourite poem features Venus, a look into a difficult personality. I felt that the author has well characterised the planets, each with its own traits and unique touches. Other poems feature scenes of the author's life and are observations to every day life. My favourite of these is "Heart Beats in a Dusty Box". There are also a few reviews to others' works.

The things I didn't necessarily appreciate were the grammatical and visual choices in some poems. I know the poems are stylised, but it makes it difficult for me to understand. Geometry of poetry, as an example, appears like a huge block of text without a pause. Human Genome Project, on the other hand is created in a double helix appearance. It's an interesting approach to the message, but the spacing makes it difficult to read.

Overall, it is an interesting look into the life and world of Bradley Hoge. I think his love for his family is quite apparent and he dedicates these great works to them. Though I didn't enjoy every piece, I think the book is a pretty good compilation of the author's talent.

I won a copy of this book via a First Reads giveaway and these are just my honest thoughts on it.