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Unraveled - Sennah Tate Unraveled is a prequel to the Soul Shifters series by Sennah Tate. It begins with the story of Preston Waters, a man who is madly in love with a woman named Elena. He would do anything for her and, when the time comes, he fights to get her back. In this world, there is darkness and shadows. The people doing their best to fight it are The Soul Shifters, men and women who have paranormal abilities.

First off, I'll be blunt: I was very impressed with this book. I think that it's brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the characters; they were quite original. Even better than that, I think that they all worked well within the events of the novel. For example, I can really feel that Preston Waters has a lot of passion for Elena and his obsession with her is well founded. I really liked Elena as well, though she only had minor appearances; I think the author used her well and she didn't need to be in it more than necessary. I actually liked her personality as well; I could really see her side of the situation and point of view. I feel like, though Alina is in a tough situation, she has a great personality and I really do want to read more about her and her problems. So far, she seems like an impressive young woman and I'd like to see her character and powers strengthen. I liked the plot of the book as well. Though there isn't a lot of information about these shifters yet, I think that the author presented a decent amount, enough for me to have a basic knowledge of what was going on within the universe. I think that the author has presented an interesting scenario so far with the paranormal people fighting some sort of darkness; I would like to read more into it. The same with the continuation of the Preston plot line; I'm intrigued by what the author has to offer on that matter.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with such a short novella; the author has presented some important storylines to set up the universe and the rest of the series. I enjoyed all of the characters and felt that there roles were all important within the book. I definitely will continue reading the series.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.