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Bulletproof Vestments (Father Jay, prequel)

Bulletproof Vestments (Father Jay, prequel) - Jane Lebak Bulletproof Vestments by Jane Lebak is about Father Jay, a priest whose past comes back to haunt him. A long time prior to this story, he had been involved in criminal matters and was responsible for a young man being sent to prison. Now the young man's brother has come to get revenge. Father Jay does his best to dissuade him, but things do not go as well as hoped.

I really enjoyed the plot. It was interesting to see the development of Jay and the events of the past. Jay is a fairly interesting person; he seemed really sincere about his life changes. I appreciated his calm composure and attitude in the face of certain death; I think I liked that the author wrote him that way because it really did seem like he felt bad for what he had done and was willing to accept the consequences. I did like many of the other characters as well, especially the Archangels- Masa, Jonas, and Spider. I enjoyed that they were very respectful to the priest, but also had a little bit of attitude as well. I thought that all the characters were fairly natural and their actions/ motives were quite realistic for the situation.

Overall, the author manages to create a story full of intrigue and suspense, with some great characters as well. I loved this story. I'd certainly love to read more in the series. It was well written and definitely worth five stars! This review is just my honest thoughts. I "bought" a copy of this from the Coffee Time Romance eBook Store, though it seems that it's free in other places as well. I'd fully recommend that you grab yourself a copy!