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Grizzlies & Glaciers

Grizzlies & Glaciers - Zoe Dakota Grizzlies & Glaciers by Zoe Dakota begins the story in 1989 with our main character, Delilah, returning home to Fjords, Alaska. She soon comes across a car accident and, having recently become a doctor, does her best to help out. Miles, an ex-boyfriend from high school shows up to help as well and they find themselves wanting to hang out together again. However, unfortunately for the pair of them, the town's bear shifter pack is involved in something and it might just need Delilah's help.

Delilah is an interesting main character. I think that she's fairly relatable and seems fairly genuine. Up until the phone call memory of her father, who mentioned that she only cares about herself, I didn't really consider her to be selfish. Afterward, there were one or two instances of her being a tad self-involved, but I thought her to be reasonably practical. She was doing the best to ensure her own survival or what she considered to be the optimal solution for situations. In the same way, I think that her personality was fairly developed; she seemed fairly mature and she showed some practical decision making. Miles seems like a fairly nice guy and I really appreciate that he was doing his best to help the situation in the beginning. Furthermore, I think he showed himself to be a fairly mature character as well. Not only did he try to do the best for himself, but he tried to do the best for other people as well. I think that the relationship, both prior and current, between Delilah and Miles was kind of sweet. I didn't quite like the way Delilah tried pushing him away; it didn't really make sense to me. I know she was intending on leaving town, but something about the "will they/ won't they" aspect seemed a tad awkward. However, I appreciated the way the relationship turned out for them. I think the epilogue was sweet and felt they were right for each other. Many of the other characters are interesting as well. For many of them, I would have appreciated a little bit more information and events about them. Such as Roy and Nathan; they both had portions in the plot, but I kind of feel like their stories remain unfinished.

I really quite liked the beginning of this book. Delilah's return home to the town seemed somewhat pleasant. The explanation of events was well written and I got a good grasp of what was going on. I think that the earlier events of the book were a practical decision by the author. Though it's a little bit coincidental that she's just come to town at the right time and is in the right place, I think it was the best way for the author to give us an example of Delilah's abilities and for her and Miles to re-meet. To move on with that same point, in some ways, the plot is just a little bit cliché; a townsperson returning home and feeling like an outsider. However, I think the way it's been written, the author has presented a fairly unique story with some interesting events. To talk about the supernatural and fantastical elements, I think that they were mostly well input to the story. The bear shifting and pack explanations were introduced a little bit weirdly in the beginning, but it's fairly easy to follow. The shifter aspects of the book were well used. I think that the author used them well.

Overall, I liked the story a lot. The characters are fairly well developed and the plot is well built.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.