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I'm not the most active user here on Booklikes. In fact, sometimes I forget that it even exists. However, I endeavor to come back and post more stuff that I enjoy.

My reviews aren't guaranteed to be something you agree with and my perspective on books isn't something most people generally want. However, I still hope that there's something you can gain from them and you don't feel as if you've wasted your time reading them.


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Dumb Deutsch: Absurd German Language Errors (auch für deutsche Leser geeignet)

Dumb Deutsch: Absurd German Language Errors (auch für deutsche Leser geeignet) - Hermann Observer I picked this book up from Smashwords with a free coupon yesterday. Regardless of receiving a free copy, these are my honest thoughts and it's just my opinion.

I'm not particularly good with languages. I can actually imagine myself making most of these mistakes if I were to learn (and speak) German to people. I was commenting about this book to my sister, reading the occassional phrase to her, and she made the same comment as well. Though I don't particularly understand all of the points, I found most of them amusing and laughed out loud to many of them. It's a great compilation with a lot of varying words and situations. I quite enjoyed it.