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Go Home, Oaxaca. You're Drunk.

Go Home, Oaxaca. You're Drunk. - Jason Koivu, Cherry Thomas Last year, I was given the opportunity to read the author's other book, Spritzerville,...Ohio?, which I quite enjoyed. So, when I saw he had another book, this one, available, I went to look at prices. I was happy to find this on Smashwords for free.

This book is non-fiction, a sort of adventure where Jason and Cherry (his wife) visit Oaxaca, Mexico. When I first read the blurb and various descriptions of the book, it sort of sounded something like a little travel guide, but it doesn't read like that. It's more of a diary.

It has funny bits. Well, to me they were. I dare say that not everyone will appreciate the author's snappy kind of humour. It's also helpful if you'd like to know which days the author experienced food-induced diarrhea and the nights he was kept awake by the people in neighbouring hotel rooms. Though, I will say that it was quite interesting to read about the many tourist attractions they did visit, though they sort of stopped that later on in the book because they'd settled down. Because of the diary-like set up of the book, some pages are fairly bare. Some entries are only a couple of sentences, some a paragraph or two and some run over to a second page.

Overall, the book doesn't feel like I want to visit the place. It was written reasonably well. However, as I said above, it's more about the author's personal experiences, and as a reader, I might not experience the same things if I were to go. I don't think I particularly enjoyed the book, but it was quite reasonable.