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The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets (Stanley & Katrina)

The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets (Stanley & Katrina) - Stanley;Katrina Katrina (von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge) is an eight year old, grey tabby cat. She's smart and has great ideas. Stanley is a three year old, black labrador / rottweiler mix. He's a bit silly sometimes. The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets by Stanley & Katrina are essentially little letters between and shorts stories about the pair. Join them as they play about the house and even later get entered in a pet pageant!

The stories and character production are kind of cliche. Katrina being the smart cat and Stanley being a not-so-smart dog is certainly very similar a lot of other cat vs dog stories. The author(s) don't really have anything original in the characters. The plots and story development are certainly very muddled. There's a lot going on and a huge amount of varying plot lines, but at the same time there's nothing that really binds them together save for the characters. One moment, they'll be doing one thing and then the next, they'll be doing something completely different. In the beginning, it's mainly letters back and forth between the pair. It doesn't make any real sense; they see each other and obviously speak to each other in this time, but it's still written down in letter form. It makes it seem as if, while something is happening, they're just writing letters to each other rather than doing anything. Later on, the letters sort of stop and we're left with some sort of narrator, which isn't any better. The narrator simply explains situations, but it just seems like the author(s) have chosen this as an alternative to the letters. I think, if anything, the author(s) ought to have had both the narration and the letters throughout the entire story, or just had one (and not the other). The beginning of the book was reasonable. It involves a little bit of humour, which kids would enjoy, and little bits of things which kids might find educational.

I think the main downfall is when the other characters, Mandy the bird and Mr. Fluffypants (Zorg) the guinea pig are introduced. Though I appreciate that the author(s) were just adding more characters for people to enjoy, it really just detracts from any camaraderie that was enjoyable with just the cat and dog. It also becomes a bit confusing because of the constant change in narration. One of the things that I'm kind of disappointed in is the pageant portions at the end where the pets decide that they don't want to do it. They've come to the agreement that if they misbehave, they won't ever be taken to that type of thing again. I think that this is a poor moral to teach children; that if they're naughty at a place they don't want to be, parents won't take them there again. There are other sorts of portions where I found that I wouldn't teach those sorts of lessons to a child. Such as portions of bullying, breaking other peoples' things just for fun and other general mistreatment of others.

Overall, it's an alright book. I think it's best for adults to read to children, just because there are definitely portions that a younger reader might not understand (yet). However, older readers might do well with the book. I'm not really impressed with the book. It was kind of a mess and the overall plot was primarily intended to be silly funny rather than intelligent funny, which I don't appreciate because it just makes the characters look stupid. However, there were some sweet moments. I don't think I would rate it any higher than two. I wouldn't read it to a child, but I think that some children might enjoy it.