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Keep the Light

Keep the Light - Myron J. Stenzel Keep the Light by Myron Stenzel is a book about Jim Harris, an architect. He takes a huge chance by packing up his things and moving away to live in a lighthouse with his Uncle Phil. When he gets to his new home, he's amazed and inspired by the historical value of the building, as well as learning a few things about his own family.

It's somewhat of a happy book and following Jim's story is somewhat lovely. Not only that, it was lovely to follow the story of Phil, Dana and even the lighthouse. It's a short book and mostly upbeat. Though, I think it would work well as a longer book, or even a short series. I would have liked to look more into Phil's life and the original dispute into the lighthouse ownership. It might also have been nice to learn about whatever problems Phil might have had owning the lighthouse for so long. I would also liked to have learned more about how other people feel about the lighthouse and whether it affects their lives as well.

Overall, I thought it was quite a lovely book. For those worried about the religious aspects (if you don't like that kind of thing, for whatever reason), you could probably simply ignore them and it's still a good book with a great theme. I received a free copy from winning a giveaaway. Though, the opinions I've presented in this review are honest.