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Harry Plotter and The Chamber of Serpents, A Harry Potter Secret Parody

Harry Plotter and The Chamber of Serpents, A Harry Potter Secret Parody - MJ Ware This morning, I spied a copy of this book for free on Smashwords and figured that I would give it a go since I used to enjoy the Harry Potter books very much. "Harry Plotter and The Chamber of Serpents", also known as "An American Muggle in Slytherin House" is by by MJ Ware. It follows the same period in time that "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by JK Rowling does and parodies the Harry Potter series in general. The main character, Austin Winters, has recently moved to Britain and he has received a letter requesting his attendance to Hogwarts. He knows nothing about this school, but has an amusing eagerness to the potential education that this school of magic can provide. Soon enough, he takes the train to the school and find out that it's not what he expected. He hears stories of the other people in the school, many about the legendary Harry Plotter who has defeated He Who Must Not Be Named. Sorted into Slipperen, Austin finds that people loathe him becausde he was muddle born and knows nothing of the world of magic. The Chamber of Serpents has been opened and something is happening other students. Austin, though knowing nothing about this magical world, does his best to fit in and make friends.

I enjoyed the new perspective that this book has provide to the Harry Potter series. Seeing it from Austin's view made it somewhat amusing and he had some very fair points about basic things and the events within the magical world. I also enjoyed that it follows the Chamber of Secrets book. Not just because it was an amusing continuation to the book, but also because it gave us a perspective into the lives of other students. Just looking at it from Austin's comments, it was interesting to see what jerks Harry, Hermione and Ron (plus other main characters) appear like to the other students. I can see that a lot of these times definitely seem unfair to the rest of the school, not to mention that MJ Ware has made some interesting comments about lackluster safety standards within the school. Overall, the characters were pretty interesting. Though the majority are just people from the original books, they have some unique differences, backstories and seeing them close up gives us a special kind of attention to the background people. I liked Miles most of all; I liked that he seemed kind of awkward and out of place, but also his personality. I liked how much of Austin's experiences about the school were basic lack of knowledge (about the magic and world) and he is definitely a unique character.

Overall, I really did appreciate the new perspective that this book provided and felt that all the characters were somewhat special. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If the author continued the series, I would really appreciate a read of it!