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Mrs. Jingles

Mrs. Jingles - Vickie Britton, Loretta Jackson Mrs. Jingles is a short story about Cassie and Mia, sisters. Soon after Mia has been released from hospital, after some sort of mental incident, Cassie is taking her shopping. They go into an antique shop and find two harlequin dolls, which seem to be sisters as well. Mia suggests they each buy one. She names her own Mrs. Jingles, while Cassie decides to name her's Jezebel. The story takes us through several days of these girls' lives, explaining a little bit about their past and Mia's commitment into the hospital. I managed to obtain a coupon code to get this book from Smashwords for free. These are just my honest thoughts on it.

I found this to be quite interesting. It's a somewhat unique take on mental health and Mia's repression of certain feelings, imprinting them onto Mrs. Jingles instead. I felt that all of the characters were unique in some way, yet all of their motives were somewhat understandable. Even Mia's actions, despite her being in a state of mental decline, were reasonable considering the situations she found herself in. I felt that there were some elements of the story weren't completely explained, such as the parents' demise or even the relationship beteen Jason and Cassie.

Overall, I found it to be quite freaky. It was well written and quite an interesting story to read.