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The Haunted Sanitary Towel: An extreme horror short story

The Haunted Sanitary Towel: An extreme horror short story - Vivid Mind The Haunted Sanitary Towel by Vivid Mind is described as "an extreme horror novelette" about sanitary towels. We begin the story with Sally Bennington, a woman who has just begun her period before leaving for work. Using a different brand of sanitary towel than usual, there are horrible consequences and we delve into the tale of a serial killer who uses the feminine product as his weapon.

The theme and plot are interesting and it seemed like an amusing plot line. However, the story goes a little too quickly and we don't get enough time spent on many important portions. I think this is part of the reason why it doesn't really fulfil the "extreme horror" portion I mentioned prior; I admit that there's a lot of icky things going on and it's kind of disgusting, but it's not really scary to me at all... I'll attempt to explain that a bit further. Many of the portions present scenes which might seem a bit freaky. However, a lot of those bits seem kind of generic and I just don't think that they're explained well enough to be horrific. For example, Dave's kidnapping women. We know why he does such a thing, but it just seems like things have escalated so quickly between scenes and it doesn't really feel that scary because it looks almost thrown into the story (without a proper set up). To me, it also seems a little bit lacking in other portions, for example how easy it seems that Dave managed to distribute these horrific items. They're, quite simply, stocked in pharmacies. Surely in production phases (he can't possibly have manufactured so many of these himself), people would have noticed the problem with the objects. Also, at another point, we find that he filled one of his mother's pillows with asbestos, but surely he would have felt some of the consequences of this as well. As much as he hates women, he doesn't really need to put much effort into harming them. I think it also takes away some of the horror factor because of that.

Overall, it's a decent story and presents an interesting idea. Though, it's not executed as well as it could be and feels like it lacks that scary quality that the author might have been aiming for.

I "purchased" a copy of The Haunted Sanitary Towel by Vivid Mind from Smashwords today with a coupon code, allowing me to get it for free. This is just my honest opinion of it.