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Kodiak Wild

Kodiak Wild - Bella Shade From New York, Annabelle Skye has travelled back to Alaska to visit the grandmother who raised her, and to go to the ten year reunion of her high school. Unfortunately there's a disturbance at the reunion and, luckily, she's helped by Jonathan Fairbanks, a local.

I think that the characters are kind of cliché in some ways, but a few of them have unique touches. For example, my first impression is that the narration provided by Anna kind of seems whiny and she has kind of an angry personality. Though, I think it works well for the plot at that point. I appreciated that later on, the way she treated people became warmer and she did actually begin to seem nicer. Like with Tina Riley; I think that later on, Anna was really nice to her, especially considering her earlier thoughts towards Tina. Of course, she didn't become completely nice overnight, but I appreciated that she really was making an effort. As for Jonathan, I think he turned out to be kind of stalkerish and a little bit creepy. However, I think that (within the confines of this story) he was a reasonable character. He did have some sweet moments and I sensed that he really did like Anna, though I think their relationship was going a little bit too quickly. Especially considering that they've only just met and now they're mated for life. I think that they seem fairly natural together and I can really see that there's some potential in the relationship. For example, when she's first getting driven home, she makes several jokes. When he talks to her, he seems somewhat calm, kind and really eager to help her.

I think that, like the characters, the overall plot is a bit cliché. For example, Anna is the small town girl who had left for the big city. Upon her return, she finds that she's one of the only ones who had left and she looks down on them because of that. The storyline also relies a lot on the automatic lust interest between Anna and Jonathan, later love. I do think they're sweet together, but falling in love within such a short time of meeting each other is just absurd. However, in this case, I find it forgivable because the author has presented us with at least some chemistry between them and they apparently have some sort of history. Actually, moving on with that point, I think that the history of the clan sounds vaguely interesting. Obviously there's a lot more information left to learn, but I would like to read more into it. For example, these hunters; we know that it's some sort of war, but why did they target Anna's parents specifically? What about Jonathan's parents? I'm interested in reading more about Anna's own abilities; will she eventually shift?

Overall, I think that the book was reasonable. As mentioned, it's a bit cliché and it ended a bit abruptly. However, I think it might work well as a series; I'm interested in seeing whether the author expands this story in future. It's a good story, but there's obviously more to it and it's certainly not complete.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.