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Something With Cigarettes

Something With Cigarettes - Tiffany A. Robbins To be painfully honest, this book left me with tears in my eyes. I know that this review probably won't do the book much justice, but I at least hope I won't offend anyone with what I've written.

Basically, we enter the book to find Logan playing with his friend Haley and their neighbourhood. Soon after this event, Logan and his family pick up and move to Kansas City, though he can't quite understand why. In his new neighbourhood, far away, he doesn't quite understand it, but he knows that in many cases, he's disappointing his family. He is convinced to take music lessons to get his parents off his back. Through his music, he also finds friendship with some of the local kids. While he grows up, he attempts suicide several times, though he keeps getting "saved". This is Logan's story, one that may or may not have a happy ending, depending on whose feelings you consider.

It's easy for people to judge the act of suicide. Many people just pass it off as the person being selfish. To be honest, I've never really seen it like that. I've always been of the opinion that it's anyone elses' decision of what makes another person happy. It's not just with things like suicide, it's with all sorts of things we see every day. A lot of people are told that they're in the wrong if they don't have enough friends, or those of the right persuasion (depending on what prejudice one might apply; bad influences, etc). Many people are considered nerds or uncool if they enjoy reading non-fiction books and studying. I think it's more selfish of the people around us if they try to decide our lives for us or even try to dictate what makes us happy.

For that reason, Something With Cigarettes was hugely touching to me. I don't imagine that it be as incredible to everyone. Though, through the author's storytelling, I imagine that a lot of people will find something to relate to in the book, whether it be Logan's point of view or even the ideals of his family or friends. I think Robbins' method of telling the story was hugely effective in that not even Logan really understood why he wanted to commit suicide. I felt it kind of heart breaking (not just in the attempts), but in that he had to face people afterward and have them not understand why. That was the saddest thing about it, that Logan didn't quite know how to talk to people after those points, or even that they hated him for it.

I just don't know what to say about this book. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it in the sense that I took pleasure in a (fictional) teen's suicide. However, I do feel that I enjoyed it in the sense that it was very well written and just felt hugely personal to me. I received the book in the mail today and it only took me about an hour and a half to read, but I think it's one of the stories that will last with me my entire life. 5 stars from me and I'll definitely read more of Tiffany A. Robbins' work in future!

I received a free copy via a giveaway. However, please be assured that all opinions in this review are my own, honest feelings. More importantly, it's just my opinion and I hope no-one takes offense to it (sorry if you do!).