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Loving Two Dragons 3

Loving Two Dragons 3 - James D. Horton This book is the third part of Loving Two Dragons by James D Horton. It follows closely after Parts 1 & 2, so it is recommended that you read both prior novels to get the full experience. Jennifer Aguillon has recently gotten married to a king, Archer, who rules a group of dragons. Currently the kingdom is facing dangers like extinction and even someone trying to ressurect the dragon Ancients. Part 3 explains more about the history of Jennifer and Archer's society.

I really appreciated the further look into the history of Jennifer. Though a lot is still unexplained, I thought that the scenes we got to experience were interesting and I enjoyed the highs and lows. I think the author did very well having a lot of varying scenes and introducing some future plot points, meanwhile also setting up some important scenes within the book. As for other characters, I did like the continuation of Logan and thought this part of the series gave a good insight to his character and his own experiences within Archer's court. Other characters had some very interesting parts to play within the plot and I think Marathe and Mateas presented some good conflicts for the protagonists to fix. I think the plot is progressing reasonably well. Though this part focused primarily on Jennifer recovering memories, I liked that there was still a lot of current events going on. I did think that the supernatural elements were a little lacking in this part; there wasn't much magic and transformations, in comparison to the prior two. Overall, I enjoyed this part. I still feel like there's a lot more to be explained to us about Jennifer's history, but I do appreciate that the author is keeping us updated on it. I'm certainly interesting in reading the future parts of the story.

I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.