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Maya & Filippo Learn about Careers in Dunedin

Maya & Filippo Learn about Careers in Dunedin - Alinka Rutkowska, Konrad Checinski I received a free review copy of Maya & Filippo Learn about Careers in Dunedin from the author, Alinka Rutkowska, in return for an honest review.

To explain a little bit about the series, Maya and Filippo live on a cruise ship called the Fun Princess. The go all over the world and learn about new things in each place that they visit. In this particular volume, they spend the day in Dunedin and learn about careers. The visit the local university and a factory, talking to people and making considerations about what they want to be later on in life.

As always, the illustrations are quite lovely and provide a good base for the pair's adventures. After the story is a quiz to question the kids on what the Maya and Filippo did in the story. After that, we're provided a little more knowledge as well, providing facts about the places the pair visited.

It's a great short read and will likely provide your kid(s) a little bit of interest for their own career potential.