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Children's Book: Alexis In The Soap Kingdom (Children's bedtime stories for ages 3-7)

Children's Book: Alexis In The Soap Kingdom (Children's bedtime stories for ages 3-7) - Miley Smiley Alexis In The Soap Kingdom by Miley Smiley is a lovely little book about a girl who doesn't like washing her hands. Then, one day, she is brought to the soap kingdom where she explores the city, meets several creatures and then even the queen. Through her adventure, she finds a reason that she wants to wash her hands, pledging to do so in the future.

It's quite a sweet book. The text is simple and can be read by younger readers. The illustrations are quite well done as well. The story kind of reminds me of both The Wizard of Oz and The Faraway Tree stories. Though this book is more suitable for younger readers who aren't at that level yet.

It's quite happy, cheerful and well worth five stars. I bought it a few days ago when it was free on Amazon.com.au. However, going back there today I see that the price has been raised. Despite the cost now, it is well worth the money for anyone who is looking to buy it.